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Welcome to ijdonline.co.uk

Hello and welcome to my personal website.

I am Ian from York, North Yorkshire, England. I've always had a keen interest in Cars, Computers and Electronics, and hence I decided to create this website! ijdonline.co.uk was created mainly to share information and project ideas with other like minded individuals, and also to further develop my web development skills.

This site was created using only 'notepad' with a little bit of server side scripting. I am currently learning how to create WebPages using the newer asp.net, however been new to the .net framework this may take a little bit longer than planned, ontop of that I've never programmed in an object oriented environment before! Wish me luck!!!

As you can see, this site is still under construction, however it eventually will contain more information and photos ranging from Electronics, Radios, Computers, Cars, Trains, Engines, Rallycross etc and many other hobbies that I'm interested in!

Please keep checking this site as I'm adding content as and when I've got some free time! (and possibly an online store too!)


Ian (IJD)